Zhejiang haite boiler co., ltd

is built in wuyi economic development area and wuyigangtou industry area, with floor apace of 30000m2,Covered area of 20000m2.

The company was named of wuyi heat energy machinery co., ltd, which was with the strength of designing, manufacturing, installation, and consulting service. we have b level boiler manufacturing licence,3 level boiler maintenent permit,3 level boiler installation and transform permit etc. The  quality assurance system is guaranteed and the ISO9001-2000 has been approved.

Production have been sold to many cities in china and south east Asia, such as SZL series horizontal type coal boiler with water pipe, DZL(G) series horizontal type coal …

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Z type full condensation high efficiency steam boiler

Advantages Features:

Following the two-way furnace structure, the burner uses the most advanced eccentric arrangement, to enhance the safety of the water cycle in the furnace to achieve a built-in integrated energy-saving design, boiler thermal efficiency of 100% or more.

Model DZL biomass fired granular steam boiler


♦ Biomass fuels can reach “zero emissions” in the combustion process, such as non-slagging, smoke-free, no sulfur dioxide and other harmful gases, all kinds of emission targets are far below the “boiler air pollutant discharge standards” requirement.

♦ Rich source of raw materials.

♦ Biomass pellet fuel contains higher volatiles, with ignition temperature rise, long burning time, and high furnace temperature.

♦ Low operating costs are 1/6 and 1/3 of electric boilers and fuel, gas boilers.

♦ High flash point is easy to transport and store.

♦ easy to manage. The boiler room is easy to manage and clean the environment.

DZG、DZC Biomass fired granular steam boiler


DZG, DZC-type biomass particles steam boiler is the company’s market demand for the development of energy-saving environmental protection products, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, smoke and dust removal, simple operation, easy inspection and maintenance. Is urban and rural small and medium enterprises with steam, with the heat of the ideal thermal equipment.

SZL Technical parameters of biomass fired granular steam boiler


♦ SZL type boiler is double drum vertical type water pipe assembly boiler. Host points up and down two production, beautiful appearance.

♦ Boiler structure for symmetrical layout, easy operation and maintenance, reliable operation, good control of the boiler.

♦ Boiler with sub-supply air, double-sided wind, ventilation and reasonable, stable combustion.

♦ Boiler room single-layer layout, investment in the province, the installation cycle is short, applicable to all kinds of users.